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Cereal Box Hot Rod

PEBBLES Cereal Box Hot Rod

Vroom Vroom! Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a hot rod out of a cereal box. One is fun! But why not make two for racing together? The only question is: what flavor is faster? Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles.

PEBBLES Cereal Box Hot Rod



  • Print out the Hot Rod Template here: DOWNLOAD
  • Open the top and bottom of the box. Cut along the side of the box so it can open and lay flat, colored-side-up.
  • Glue the template in the middle of the box.
  • Cut out the template shape, including the wheels.
  • Color the pieces you just cut out with your favorite PEBBLES™ Cereal colors.
  • Punch holes in the small circles on the wheels and body of the car.
  • Fold the flaps up along the solid lines. Tape the flaps together to form the body of the car.
  • Stick the dowels through the holes, and the wheels on the dowels.
  • Wrap rubber bands around the dowels to keep the wheels in place.
  • Admire your sweet new ride!