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How to draw a robot

Draw a Robot

Beep, boop. That’s robot for “draw me!”

Draw a Robot


  • 1 piece paper
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 black pen
  • Markers or colored pencils


  • Starting with a pencil, draw a square in the middle of your page for the head.
  • Inside the square, draw a long rectangle at the bottom with vertical lines for the teeth. Then draw an eye above the teeth.
  • On top of the square draw a tiny rectangle. On top of the rectangle, draw a tiny crown shape. Then draw a half circle starting from the tiny rectangle, surrounding the crown shape.
  • Draw a short vertical line under the square, then a bigger square for the body. It should be bigger than the head. Draw a circle in the middle, then a smaller circle inside that. Draw a triangle on top of your original circle. The tip of the triangle should point toward the top left corner of the square. In the top left corner, write “on” and in the top left corner write “off”.
  • Draw two vertical lines from the bottom of the square for the legs. At the end of each leg, draw a rectangle for the feet.
  • Draw two more lines from the sides of the square for the arms. At the end of each arm, draw two half circles for the hands.
  • Trace the entire drawing with your black pen, then color in your robot.

How-to Video