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Escargot (Hopscotch)

Escargot (Hopscotch)

Add more than a hop to this fun sidewalk game!

Escargot (Hopscotch)


  • Sidewalk chalk


  • Escargot is the French word for snail, hence the name for this spiral-shaped game.
  • Draw your diagram. You can have as many squares as you like.
  • Hop on one foot through the spiral and back. (You don’t use a pebble for this version.) If you make it without touching a line, hopping on another foot, or going out of bounds, write your initials in one of the squares.
  • The next player starts hopping, but has to hop over the box with initials. (If the box has your initials, you can land on two feet.)
  • The game ends when it is impossible for anyone to hop into the center space or when all of the squares have initials in them. The player who has the squares with the most initials wins.