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PEBBLES hand turkey craft

Turkey Craft

This decorative hand turkey craft is an exciting way to get ready for the Holidays!

Turkey Craft



  • Select a colored piece of paper of your choice.
  • Place your hand on the center of the paper and use crayon to trace around each finger and palm of your hand.
  • Draw turkey feet and beak with crayon.
  • Apply glue stick to traced hand. Stay in the lines!
  • Scatter PEBBLES cereal on top of the glue stick marks and gently press down to ensure they stick.
  • Let dry for 5-10 minutes.
  • Pick up piece of paper and gently shake off remaining PEBBLES pieces.
  • Use crayons to decorate remainder of turkey as you wish.
  • Ta-da! You created a PEBBLES Cereal Turkey!