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Winter stargazing activity
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Winter Stargazing

You don’t have to wait until summer to introduce your kids to stargazing. Not only are winter nights longer (great for little ones with early bedtimes) but they are also clearer. So break out the binoculars and take a peak at these winter sky highlights.

Sirius star made out of PEBBLES cereal


This is brightest star at this time of year. Look south, and you’ll find it about a third of the way above the horizon.
Orion star made out of PEBBLES cereal


Named after a hunter in Greek mythology, this is the most vibrant constellation in the winter sky. Looking south, find his belt first: three stars in a row just to the upper right of Sirius. Then, you’ll be able to spot the two shoulder stars and two stars that represent his feet.

Pleiades star made out of PEBBLES cereal


You’ll need binoculars to see this tiny clump of stars hovering over Taurus’s back. It’s located to the upper right of Orion’s belt.

Need help? Check out Google Sky or an app like SkySafari 5.