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Dinosaur ice eggs craft

Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Unleash your inner archaeologist with PEBBLES™ Cereal dinosaur eggs! Make ‘em and break ‘em!

Dinosaur Ice Eggs


  • Miniature (2” and smaller) plastic dinosaurs
  • Balloons (NOT water balloons)
  • Metal or plastic bowl
  • Fork or another excavating tool


  • Stretch the balloon, especially the neck.
  • Wiggle the dinosaur into the balloon, taking care not to puncture the balloon with the dinosaur’s feet.
  • Fill the balloon with water and tie.
  • Freeze the balloon overnight, either outside or in the freezer. Time will vary according to the size of your “egg.”
  • Using the fork or excavating tool (make sure it’s not too sharp for kids), scratch a hole in the balloon and peel it off the ice egg.
  • Place egg in a shatterproof bowl and either wait for it to melt or chip away with the fork until you reach your prize.