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Jellyfish in a bottle PEBBLES craft

Jelly Fish In A Bottle

All the fun of a sea creature, without the cleaning and feeding!

Jelly Fish In A Bottle


  • 1 empty clear plastic bottle (labels removed)
  • 1 clear plastic bag (a produce bag or small trash bag works)
  • Blue food coloring
  • Scissors
  • Dental floss
  • Permanent marker (optional)
  • Flashlight  (optional)


  • Cut the plastic bag into a square.
  • If you want the jellyfish to have a colored head, draw a small circle in the middle of the square and color it in with a permanent marker.
  • Put the bag into a glass so that it’s in the shape of a cup.
  • Pour a tiny bit of water into the glass—just enough to fill up the small circle. This will be the jellyfish’s head. Make sure it’s not too big or it won’t fit into the bottle.
  • Tie off the head with dental floss. Make sure it’s tight enough that the water won’t leak.
  • Cut the part of the bag under the head into ten thin (narrower than an inch) strips. These are the tentacles. Cut off the rest of the bag.
  • Fill the bottle with water and stuff the jellyfish into the bottle.
  • Now put 2 drops of blue food coloring into the bottle.
  • Put the lid on the bottle.
  • Flip the bottle and watch your jellyfish swim.
  • Bonus: Take the bottle into a dark room or closet and shine a flashlight on it. Better than a lava lamp!

How-to Video