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Stained glass fall leaf craft made with Fruity PEBBLES cereal

Stained Glass Fall Leaf Craft

Hang up your fall leaf craft masterpiece and celebrate the season!

Stained Glass Fall Leaf Craft


  • Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal
  • Construction Paper – Reds, Greens, Yellows, Oranges – think fall!
  • Clear Con-Tact Adhesive Shelf Liner
  • Scissors


  • Start by cutting out leaf shapes out of construction paper folded in half, like the picture above. Don’t worry about a crazy pattern or anything – just go with the flow. Then, you’re going to cut out the inside so you leave a 1 inch to 2 inch border around the edges. Now you have a leaf outline.
  • Place your leaves on the sticky side of one sheet of Con-Tact paper. Be sure to press hard to seal out air bubbles.
  • Now for the fun. Let your little one fill the inner part of the leaves with Fruity PEBBLES cereal – go nuts! Be sure to spread out the cereal so that you don’t have any crazy mounds, evenly coating the area.
  • Now take your second piece of Con-Tact paper and seal in the cereal and leaves. Again, make sure to press down firmly (especially around the construction paper) and seal so the cereal doesn’t fall out.
  • Now take your scissors and cut out the border of the leaves, leaving a tiny border of Con-Tact paper intact around the leaves.